Design worksheets

These worksheets provide valuable information to the church and architect for use in planning and design development.

Information Request Form

This form will provide us with your preferred contact information as well as descriptions of your anticipated needs and resources. Please mail or fax this form to Omega if you are interested in receiving consultation or design services from our firm.

Master Plan Worksheet

This form will help us determine the size and usage of the facilities needed in each Phase of the Master Plan. Its completion provides a detailed look at what functions each facility should be designed to perform.

Church Design Worksheet

This form may also be used in conjunction with the Master Plan Worksheet if the church desires to plan ahead for future expansion of various facilities and improvements on the church site. If this form is to be used with the Master Plan Worksheet, please indicate in the left-hand margin of this form if the improvements described are to occur in Phase One (P1), Phase Two (P2), or Phase Three (P3) of your Master Plan.

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